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Tech Savvy Seniors

Third Wednesday of the month

Food Court

Join our Tech Savvy Seniors in a supportive atmosphere where you can bring along your gadgets from iPads to smart watches and dive into the world of technology with ease. 

Navigating modern technology can feel like trekking through unchartered territory but fear not, these sessions are here to bridge the generation gap and make tech accessible to everyone.

With banks shutting their doors, it can feel overwhelming, but we show you the ropes how to navigate safely and what to look out for when it comes to scams. 

Join us for a fun-filled journey into the digital age, where learning meets laughter and empowerment awaits!

Time: 11am - 1pm
Location: Food Court

Sessions will run on the third Wednesday of each month.

Terms & conditions

Walk-ins are welcome, however bookings are preferred. 

Wednesday 17 July
Wednesday 21 August
Wednesday 18 September
Wednesday 16 October
Wednesday 20 November