Christmas Card Craft Ideas To Keep Little Hands Busy

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While they tend to get overshadowed by presents, Christmas cards are the gift that keeps on giving. They’re often what we keep for years or decades, even once we’ve forgotten the present that accompanied it. What’s even more special is when that card has been handcrafted with love by the kids.  

If you’re looking for a way to keep the little ones busy these Christmas holidays, search no further than DIY card-making. Not only will it keep them occupied for hours, but they’ll be filled with joy when they give their homemade cards to loved ones. 

Here are our 7 Christmas card ideas that encourage the kids to get crafty at home.  

1. Personalise with photos 
The best Christmas cards are those with a personal touch. There’s no better way to achieve that ‘aww’ factor than by incorporating photos. Print out some snaps of loved ones and challenge the kids to get creative with them — whether it’s reimagining the family as Santa’s reindeers, or featuring grandma inside a bauble.  

2. Create pop-up cards 
For older kids, creating pop-up cards makes an excellent Christmas craft activity. By cutting out festive patterns on paper and layering them onto the centre of a card, they can create a fun, 3D masterpiece. They’ll love watching the look of surprise on the family’s faces when a Christmas tree or snowman pops out of their card! 

3. Lace it up 
Paper doilies aren’t just a festive decorating staple. They can also be an inexpensive craft supply for endless Christmas card fun! The doilies can be repurposed into anything from a snowflake to Santa Claus’ beard. Plus, they elevate the cards with a lovely, embossed texture. 

4. Have fun with fingerpainting 
If you don’t mind things getting a little messy, fingerpainting can be a fun Christmas craft idea. Get out the colourful paints and let the kids go to town using their fingers as paintbrushes. Then, it’s time to bring their festive scene to life. That green fingerprint could double as a Christmas tree, while the red could transform into Rudolph’s nose. 

5. Get sticky 
Have some leftover festive sticky tape from Christmas wrapping? These can make wonderful additions to kids’ craft kit! They can use slithers of colourful tape to create the shapes of Christmas trees, baubles, reindeers, and just about anything else. Run out of tape? Cut-out pieces of wrapping paper can work just as well (just add glue!) 

6. Create texture with tissue 
Tissue paper is another great Christmas card addition you may already have lying around at home. It can be used to create the ruffled texture on Christmas trees, wreaths and more. If you bought shoes as a Christmas gift, this can also be a great way to repurpose the stuffing paper. Just dip it in food dye to achieve your desired colour. 

7. Button up 
Buttons are a simple yet versatile addition to any handmade card. They can be used to create the shape of everything from a bauble to a snowman’s face. Green buttons can even be used to create a cascading, Christmas tree effect. The options are endless! 
Not only will these DIY Christmas craft ideas keep the kids out of your hair, but you’ll also have fewer cards to buy this year. Talk about a win-win! 

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