6 DIY Christmas gifts for kids

Keep the kids busy and engaged with these fun DIY gift ideas.

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While Christmas is about so much more than just presents, they’re undeniably a fun part of it. This is especially true if you have kids —there’s nothing quite like reliving the excitement of Santa’s arrival through their eyes. But, at this time of year, it’s important to remind kids that there’s no greater gift than the act of giving itself.
One of the best ways to get the kids excited about giving presents (and not just receiving them) is to make them at home! Not only will it get them off their screens, but it will help keep them busy as you prepare things around the house. Your little ones will be bursting with pride as they watch their loved ones unwrap the gifts they lovingly made all by themselves.
Made from simple materials you can pick up from your grocery or craft store, these DIY festive crafts involve minimal mess and fuss. Read on for 6 easy Christmas presents the kids can make at home.

Christmas bauble vase 
This one is super simple, but is the practical gift that keeps on giving! At first glance, it’s a fun, festive work of art. But, the recipient will be able to use the vase for flowers for years to come, and pull the baubles out to display on the tree at Christmas time!
To make it, you’ll need a large vase and an array of Christmas baubles in different colours. Then, the kids can arrange the baubles in layers in the vase. For the extra ‘wow’ factor, they can also add touches like individual fairy lights or wrap a large bow or tinsel around the vase.

Christmas bookmark 
Everyone needs a bookmark — whether it’s to avoid dogearing in their favourite novel or to keep track of recipes in a cookbook. That’s what makes it such a perfectly practical Christmas gift that’s fun for the kids to make.
The sky is really the limit when it comes to this Christmas DIY project. The kids can use any materials they can get their hands on — whether it’s coloured paper, cardboard, felt or even popsicle sticks. Cut the material of choice into a long, bookmark shape and add a ribbon or string that can peek over the pages. Then, they can let their creativity run wild decorating it with drawings, paint, glitter or stickers!

Christmas jams  
Nothing beats an edible gift! After all, food is the best way to anyone’s heart (not that the kids need help winning anyone over!) They'll have an absolute blast making this delicious Christmas jam in the kitchen. 
Cranberries, strawberries, oranges and seasonal spices like cinnamon and cloves make a classic Christmas jam. While you can put the kids in charge of fruit-crushing duties, you may need to supervise while you blend and boil the fruit. 
Let it set in the fridge for 24 hours, then spoon the mixtures out into jars. The result is a delicious Christmas gift that will last for months. 

Christmas Terrarium
Plants make a great gift at any time of year and Christmas is no exception. This one puts a festive spin on the classic terrarium. To assemble, you’ll need a large glass container (you can use anything from a jar to a vase and even a large drinking glass). 
Once you have your vessel, all you need to do is add soil and layers of pebbles to the bottom and plant their succulents. Add a few festive touches like sprigs of holly and red and green ribbon and you’re ready to spread the Christmas cheer!

IOU Coupons
Sometimes, the most memorable gift we can give is our time and energy. These DIY coupons are a great way to teach the kids the importance of doing kind things for others. 
Whether it’s mowing the lawn for an uncle, carrying the groceries for their grandparents or reading to their younger sibling, they’re a favour that can be claimed at the recipient’s time of choice.
To make them, the kids will need pieces of cardboard in different colours. From there, they’ll cut them into the size of coupons, then write who it’s for, who it’s from and what the coupon is for. They can even staple a few together to make an entire coupon book.  Who knows, you might even score some IOUs from the kids for doing errands around the house!

Photo ornaments
They say a photo speaks a thousand words. So, what better way for the kids to show their loved ones just how much they mean to them than with a cute photo ornament? This is a particularly sweet gift idea for grandparents, who will love proudly displaying the kids on their Christmas tree.
To make them, you’ll need printed photos. You can either have these developed at your nearest photo store (usually found in department or office supply stores) or print them out yourself if you have a colour printer at home. Next, create a sturdy border for the ornaments using cardboard or wood, cut out into a circle or other shape.  Use coloured pens, glitter or stickers to give the frames some festive flair. 
Secure the photo inside the frame using tape or strong glue. Then use a hole-puncher to add a hole to thread the string through, so the ornaments can be hung on a tree.
If you’re looking for a thoughtful, meaningful and practical Christmas gift idea, look no further than these easy DIY ideas. They’ll be just as much fun to use as they were for the kids to make!
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