Top 3 Health Tips For Your Body, Mind & Soul

We get it, home isolation is incredibly tough especially on your body, mind and soul.
That’s why we’ve put together our top 3 tips to help you maintain your wellness and health during these times, and to ensure you’re implementing strategies at home that will help you both in the interim and long-term. 

Tip 1: Join a virtual workout

With drastic changes now in place with social distancing, it’s important that you’re still able to get the same level of exercise (as you would have done previously), to ensure you’re keeping your physical and mental health in check during these testing times.
Thanks to the adaptation of many businesses, there are now a wealth of opportunities to keep yourself in shape at home. There is a boom in virtual workout programs and incentives from companies like ClassPass, PowerYoga or F45, who are offering members access to online digital workouts, including both audio and visual instructional guides for meditation and yoga too.
If you’re not a member and don’t want to pay, don’t worry! There is an array of free online workouts and health tips that you can implement from brands all over social media. Take JSHealth for example, as pioneers within the health space, they publish daily fitness workouts on IGTV for you to follow, as well a range of recipes and easy to make meals and snacks at home.  You can also de-stress your body and clear your mind, with free yoga live streaming from companies like 305 Fitness, Blink Fitness or YogaWorks, as well as meditation guides from Calm, Headspace and Smiling Mind.


Tip 2: Do your own workouts

If you’re starting to feel cabin-fever and need to get some fresh air you can take yourself out for a nice walk or run in your local park (given that you’ve applied proper social distancing).  
Don’t forget, you can also use your own fitness equipment too! Order some inexpensive ankle or arm weights from  Target or Rebel Sports, to take down to the park and do some reps, or buy something as simple as a skipping rope to get your heart rate moving.
Be sure to wash your hands and introduce proper hygiene practices once you return home.

Tip 3: Workout your mind  

If you’ve watched all your Netflix shows and are looking to do something extra with your time, then why not join a free course or seminar to expand your skillset and knowledge?
Companies like  LinkedIn are offering up to 16+ free learning courses to help provide you with tips on staying productive, maintaining relationships and tools that will help you balance family and work dynamics. Forbes is also running free digital summits, covering themes like resilience, and best of all, TedTalks website and YouTube channel gives you up to 3300+ free talks on any given topic including education, business, science, tech and creativity.
For kids who may be studying at home, Loom, a global video recording service is allowing free access to teachers and students to keep in touch, plus Adobe Creative, is also allowing students free access to use their creative tools at home.

With all of these great initiatives at play, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you and your lifestyle. Be sure to continue, as you are, putting your health and wellbeing at the forefront of all decisions and make sure you’re up-to-date with the government announcements and policies on health here