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The Right White

Shaynna Blaze, Television Interior Design guru and Taubmans Brand Ambassador, shares her tips on selecting the right shade of white for you.
On the surface of things, it would seem simple enough. You’ve decided that you need to freshen up a space by painting it white. But this is where it gets tricky: which white? Look at your average painting fan deck: there are just so many of them!
Selecting the right white shouldn’t be confusing. But it is a simple colour that can make people nervous. Here are my tips for finding the perfect one for you.
The right white
  1. Hot or cold. There is a fine line between a white palette in the home that's fresh and relaxing and one that feels sterile and cold. Ultimately, your surroundings will determine what the best shade of white is for you. Test Taubmans Crisp White for a classic cool white or Taubmans Milk Cloud for a softer look and feel.
  2. Which white. A pure white has no base colours and is rarely used. Considering the huge selection of whites with undertones of yellow, stone and grey, you need to look at the tints that up make the different “whites”. To reveal the different tints in your white paints, my advice is to paint a test swatch and then hold it against a piece of pure white paper.
  3. New or old. Our modern interiors lean towards brilliant whites and greys so use this as your guide to selecting whites and the colours that work with it.
  4. Globe-trotting. Your light globe can completely affect the look of white so be aware of a warm or cool globe in your light fittings. Even the temperature of a light globe can impact the colour reflected in the room. If you are going for a brilliant white, a cool globe can make the interior very clinical so experiment swapping a couple of globes to get the right effect.
  5. White on white. A simple palate of white on white can look fantastic on the walls, trims and doors. There are two ways you can go. For layering of white, use a pure white on the trims and contrast with a white with a very slight grey tint so the room doesn’t feel flat. Another option is using a high gloss on the trims which adds that extra layer of depth and difference, rather than being 'flat' and clinical.
  6. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Ultimately, take the time to research which white is right for your home. The preparation and due diligence you invest will be worth it once you are rewarded with a beautiful space that you love spending time in.
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