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Loss of mojo; it’s a crying shame. For most it hits during middle age, with a recent report revealing that three quarters (73%) of 40 – 59 year olds have experienced a decline in their ‘mojo’ in the last five years.  

This echoes the findings of a recent British study by the Office for National Statistics, which revealed a drop in life satisfaction between the ages of 45 and 59.
Most commonly thought to be a lack of sex drive, or ‘sex appeal’, mojo in this instance is actually defined as overall vibrancy, energy and zest-for-life. A lost mojo is not something you can simply find online; Google has its uses, but this isn’t one of them.
The findings also reported that us middle-agers often feel sluggish, fatigued and irritable all of the time, leaving little energy to enjoy our favourite hobbies or get some respite from the stresses of everyday life.  Sound familiar?
If so, it’s time to make a change. Leave your negativity at the door and let’s get you back on the road to good health and happiness. Here are four simple steps to help you rediscover your mojo.

1. Assess energy levels and how you can elevate them.

Look at the times of day when your energy is highest and lowest. What are you doing at this point and who are you with? Documenting this information can help you spot clear differences between times when you are feeling high and low mojo and allow you to make changes in your lifestyle to boost it.

2. Maintain a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle.

Most people don’t realise that diet can play a huge part in reclaiming their mojo and instead tend to turn to short-term solutions such as caffeine to boost energy levels. A big mistake! Think about whether you are currently getting a balanced diet and if your daily food intake includes a sufficient amount of all the nutrients you need.
Diet plays a huge role in our overall wellbeing, but is easy to neglect. For those feeling sluggish or lacking in energy, something as simple as increasing your fibre intake could help. I recommend a daily supplement like Metamucil because it’s made from 100% natural psyllium which cleanses from within and can help you feel lighter and more active. Plus it’s easy to take every day, either by adding to water or juices and smoothies.

3. Identify your strengths and use them to your advantage.

What do you consider to be your strengths? If you’re not sure, ask your family and friends. Usually we feel good when we’re doing things we’re good at. Identifying your strengths will give you a natural boost and help think about how to incorporate them into your life more.

4. Learn how to relax and unwind.

It may sound obvious, but as the survey showed, stress is a major cause of mojo loss. To help learn how to relax, think about a time that you were most peaceful and aim to recreate that moment each day. Activities like deep breathing, yoga, time in nature or even just a casual stroll can help. Spending ten minutes a day doing the things that help you feel at peace can be a major boost to your mojo and help increase your zest for life.

About Fiona Cosgrove:

Wellness Coach, Fiona Cosgrove, has over 30 years’ experience in the health, wellness and fitness industries - owning and managing clubs in Australia and Asia. Holding a Bachelor and Masters degree in Sports Science and Masters Degree in Counselling, Fiona is a former Board Member of Fitness NSW and has worked for many years as a University Lecturer, (teaching Corporate Health Management) and in the last ten years as a Life & Wellness Coach.
In 2006, Fiona launched Wellness Coaching Australia, an organisation that delivers wellness coach training to health and fitness professionals throughout Australia and now overseas. She is passionate about the need to change the way clients are supported to create lifestyle change. A regular speaker at conferences, she believes that the current poor health of the nation is an indication of a need for the approach WCA teaches. She strives to empower others to strive for better wellbeing and improved quality of life.
AMP Capital Shopping Centres thanks Fiona Cosgrove for these tips.