Healthy Eating Tips for Winter

1. Sensational Soups

As the weather cools down we turn to foods that warm us up inside, and there is no going past a hearty soup! If you're out shopping and are feeling peckish, Sumo Salad are your winter soup destination and have a great range of flavours including Kale, Quinoa & Vege, Thai Chicken and Hearty Beef & Vegetable.

Otherwise, why not try your hand at whipping up this super easy (and super delcious) Coconut Curry and Pumpkin Soup by Not Quite Nigella!

2. Wrap it up!

Quick, delicious and super nutritious, wraps are a versatile option to fuel your day and Sumo Salad have teamed up with Australia’s most recognised and respected health expert Commando Steve to bring you delicious protein-packed meals that are going to keep you fueled, healthy and satisfied this winter.

With Texan BBQ Beef or Mex Beans and Rice to choose from, the perfect combination of protein, gut health and antioxidants are all wrapped up with the delicious Commando Wraps!

3. Superpowered Salads

Salads don't have to be plain and boring! Sumo Salad's winter menu is jam packed with mouth watering salads, each loaded with super powered ingredients. Our favourite, the Healthier ButterLESS Chicken Curry Salad is made fresh in the deli and is topped with succulent tandoori chicken, served with fresh spinach, brown rice,  quinoa and cashew nuts and is then topped with a minted yoghurt dressing to add that extra tang!

4. Satisfying Snacks

Whether you're picking up the kids from school, racing into work or running errands, finding a satisfying snack on the go can be challenging! Next time you're at the supermarket, pick up a few tubs of plain or Greek yoghurt with no added sugar and add your own fruits and nuts for a healthy snack. Otherwise grab a Coconut Chia Power Pot or Almond Choc Chia Power Pot with mango and sesame from Sumo Salad!

5. Nourish Bowls

Jamp packed with a variety of fresh nutrient-rich produce, colours, textures and flavours, Nourish Bowls are a balanced, nutrient rich option that will fill you up, ignite your energy and spark your soul! Nourish Bowls are super easy to make at home or you can pick one up on the go from Sumo Salad.