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Rae's Beauty Life Hacks

Rae's Beauty Life Hacks
  1. If you’re having trouble sharpening your makeup pencils, pop them in the fridge or freezer for a couple of minutes before sharpening to firm them up.
  2. My motto for all lip products has to be “too much on your mouth goes south”.  Body temperature heats up all lipsticks, so they will start to slide – but here is the trick, when buying any lip product, test it on your fingertip not the back of your hand. The reason being is that your fingertip is more closely matched to the texture and colour of your lip, as it has a bluer red undertone.
  3. If your mascara is dried out, but not yet expired, add a few eye drops into the tube and it’s ready to go again.
  4. If you are jet lagged (or just exhausted!), use a white eye pencil on your inner eye which will help cover redness.
  5. Use anti-red eye drops on a cotton bud to soothe skin and take away redness of a pimple. Just add a few drops to the end of a cotton bud then hold on the blemish for approximately 1 minute. Works a treat!
About Rae Morris
Renowned as one of the most influential makeup artists in the world, Rae Morris is not only a number one best-selling author, but also four times Australian Makeup Artist of the Year, the longest serving Makeup Director for L’Oréal Paris (2003-2013) and has been inducted into multiple Halls of Fame.
Collaborating with some of the world’s leading photographers, Rae regularly works on editorial covers, and fashion and beauty features for magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and I.D. Magazine.
In 2008, Rae’s first book, Makeup: The Ultimate Guide was an overwhelming worldwide success – since then she has published another 4 books culminating in the 2016 release of her 6th book, Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass. These instructional books are currently used as training manuals in top makeup schools around the world.

Rae is also the designer behind the Rae Morris Magnetic Brush Range – the first magnetic makeup brush range in the world – which has been acclaimed as not only the most innovative, but one of the best makeup brush ranges on the market.
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