Hearing Bus


09:00 am - 03:00 pm

Listen Up! Hearing Australia is bringing the Hearing Australia BUS to Ocean Keys Shopping Centre Wednesday 5 August, 9am - 3pm. Find them located outside on Ocean Keys Boulevard.

Hearing Australia is visiting Ocean Keys Shopping Centre to offer free* hearing checks and raise hearing health awareness in the local community.

The team at Hearing Australia want people to take control of their hearing health and experience the joy of sound in all aspects of their life. 

Healthy hearing is a big part of life. It keeps us connected to the people and life we love. Good hearing plays a significant role in helping people stay active, happy and involved in the world around them.

An estimated 3.6 million Australians are affected by hearing loss, and this is projected to more than double to 7.8 million by 2060, meaning nearly one in every five Australians will be affected2.

A hearing check is a quick and easy way to help identify if your hearing might not be as sharp as it used to be.  Not everyone who is experiencing problems hearing may need a hearing aid. Sometimes people might just need support listening to the TV at normal volumes, hearing at noisy social events, or hearing friends and family on the phone.

Hearing Australia will provide hearing checks to any interested adults over 18 who attend on the day. 

The Hearing Australia team is on hand to guide you through what your next steps may be to help you rediscover the sounds you love.

Come on down to Ocean Keys Shopping Centre on Wednesday 5 August from 9am and hop on board the Hearing Australia Hearing Bus for a FREE Hearing Check.