Pump up your fitness regime

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PLAN YOU FITNESS REGIME: Tasks related to fitness should always play an important part of your life and here in Form Training this is key. When you’re physically active, your blood warms up and circulates to all corners of your body, which in turn can assist in standardising metabolic activity and improve your immune system. Regular exercise has also been reported to provide relief to those experiencing anxiety, depression and insomnia.

REVIEW YOUR REQUIREMENTS: You are the best person to review your fitness levels and assess what areas need improvement. From there, you can develop an effective plan to increase your fitness levels, based on your needs and lifestyle. If you are a busy person, make fitness a priority and schedule times and days to exercise. Your fitness plan may cover:
Core strength
Diet and nutrition

GO TO YOUR FITNESS CLUB: Buying equipment may cost money and resources, therefore joining a local health club or fitness centre is a cost effective solution, where you can not only use premium equipment and access personal training sessions, but also meet like-minded people and make new friends. Plus, if you have any queries or concerns you can always chat with a qualified fitness instructor.

BEGIN SLOWLY: Progressively work towards your fitness goals – fitness is a marathon, not a race. It is recommended to avoid high intensity exercises initially, until you’re physically ready to undertake more challenging exercises. If you work too hard and too soon, you may cause more damage than good!

SCREEN YOURSELF AT REGULAR INTERVALS: After gradually increasing your physical activity, screen yourself at regular intervals.  Keep a fitness journal and note down how much you have improved and what more needs to be done.

STICK TO THE ROUTINE: Last and the most important, never skip your regime. Enlist a motivating friend or join a fitness group. Be tough to never give up.  Remember a healthy lifestyle comes from following a disciplined routine of physical activities.

Form Training at Ocean Key Shopping Centre have all of this and more to offer. Feel free to consult their personal fitness trainers to create an effective exercise plan and share your fitness goals.