Ocean Keys receives Platinum Waterwise Business Award

Ocean Keys Shopping Centre was recently recognised as a Gold Waterwise Business as part of the Waterwise Business Program. The centre achieved one of the highest National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) water ratings for shopping centres in the state. NABERS ratings are used to score buildings for their commitment to energy and water conservation. 

Ocean Keys’ rating of 4.18 shows the Centre's outstanding commitment to water efficiency. The Centre also received this years Platinum Waterwise Business Award! This is in recognition of the hard work the team have put in over the last year to educate retailers on how to save water as well as implementing water saving initiatives throughout the centre. This is an incredible team achievement! 

As a Gold Waterwise Businesses some of the water efficiency initiatives implemented in 2018/19 include:

Smart metering: Adopting new technologies by using smart metering, Ocean Keys can identify any abnormal water use. For example, the monitoring helped to identify significant amount of water use in their cooling towers. The monitoring tool allowed Ocean Keys to identify the towers that were mainly needed in the summer months and could be switched off throughout the winter months, resulting in significant water savings.

Staff Engagement: Ocean Keys rely on the support and engagement of all of their staff, tenants and contractors to achieve water saving goals. Staff members are always on the lookout for leaks, with security staff incorporating leak checks into their daily inspections. 

Tenant Engagement:  Tenants both big and small also have a part to play in conserving water. Tenants at the shopping centre are responsible for paying individual water consumption to encourage careful use. The Ocean Keys management team provide education to their tenants and work closely with them to reduce their water use. This method has proved hugely successful with one of their highest water using tenants reducing their water use by an incredible 50%.