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Meet Roj from Kurdish Kebabs

Tell us about your store:
Kurdish Kebabs is a dine-in and takeaway restaurant specialising in creating traditional Middle Eastern kebabs. On our menu you can also find burgers, fish and chips, salads, meat boxes as well as vegetarian options. Kurdish Kebab has been serving customers at Ocean Keys since 2008 and is located outside the Food Court on Ocean Keys Boulevard. 


What is your position at Kurdish Kebab and how big is your team?
I am the owner and manager of Kurdish Kebab and have a team of three staff. My son also works at Kurdish Kebab with myself full time. 


What are the most popular items right now?
Our most popular menu item is the meat box which consists of chips and chicken or lamb. This is also quite popular mixed with egg, cheese, aioli and salad. We started making this over 10 years ago when our signage maker suggested it. I hadn’t come across this in a kebab shop previously, but that I’d give it a try. Since then it has been growing in popularity amongst our younger and older customers. Our second most popular menu item is the kebab.


What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer?
We have had quite a few funny requests over the years. The funniest one was when a customer requested a sweet baklava inside his kebab together with salad, cheese, egg and sauce. I was quite surprised with this request especially that baklava is a dessert, however he assured me it tasted good.

We’ve also had a customer ask for mix meat, fish, cheese, egg and 4-5 sauces inside his kebab. I really had to scratch my head with this one, wondering how it would taste.


How long have you been in the food industry and what inspired you to pursue this career?
I started in the food industry in the year 2000 after I moved to Australia from Kurdistan. Cooking is something which I really enjoy, which started when I was 10-12yrs old when I use to cook for my family. This enjoyment for cooking inspired me to open Kurdish Kebab where now I make the best kebab in town. I also enjoy making traditional meals at home for my family. 

What is the best part about your job? 
The best part about my job is the customer service and the interaction with customers. I always enjoy receiving feedback and look forward to hearing from customers on their experience. If there’s a regular customer I haven’t seen for a while, I always like to know how they’ve been, if they’ve been away on holiday or if their new diet has been keeping them away ;). 


When you’re not at the store, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Paperwork! On my day off I like to check what is needed for the shop and read reviews to see what can be improved. When I’m not focusing on my business, I like to go overseas, see friends and in my spare time go for walks.