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Meet Pallavi from The Source Bulk Foods

Tell us about your store
At the Source Bulk Foods you can choose from over 400 products, either from our bulk food bins or jars with quality ingredients. Browse our affordable range of vegan, paleo, organic, gluten friendly food options and delicious assortment of healthy treats. From locally sourced honey, to cooking oils, natural cleaning products and personal care products, The Source Bulk Foods can help you create a healthier home inside and out.

The source bulk foods is as much about providing nutritious products as it is about embracing a zero waste goal. We nourish families, foster a healthy community, and in doing so, take a hands-on approach to nurturing our planet.


We encourage all of our customers to bring their own refillable bags and bottles when shopping in-store. You’ll be surprised just how much packaging you can save from landfill with a few simple changes to your shopping routine.

What is your position at The Source Bulk Foods and how big is your team?
I am the owner/manager of the store with a wonderful team of 5 customer service specialists. We aim to provide a positive shopping experience and help you on your zero waste and/or dietary journey.


What are the most popular products right now?
Mango Cheeks, Naturally sweet and delightfully chewy, dried mango cheeks are a delicious tropical treat with no added sugar. Grown and processed in Australia, our colourful and fruity mango cheeks are 100% preservative and additive-free, and are non-GMO. Dried mango makes a mouth-watering snack, great for lunch boxes; and a wonderful, convenient cooking ingredient for sweet or savoury recipes.
Organic Hulled hemp seeds are a delicious and nutritious food that has been eaten for thousands of years by people all over the world. They are grown and processed without any synthetic inputs, are non-GMO and have no added preservatives. Hemp seeds contain omega fatty acids and over 30% protein. They are also a natural source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre. These seeds have a soft texture and subtle, fresh aroma. With a light, slightly creamy, nutty flavour, hemp seeds are a delicious and healthy addition to sweet or savoury dishes.


Keto Peanut Butter Granola brings together the delicious flavours of natural, additive-free peanut butter and chopped almonds with organic seeds and coconut. This Australian made grain-free granola is sweetened with xylitol, contains no added sugar and is vegan-friendly. Enjoy this scrumptious granola warm or cold for breakfast, as a yummy, convenient snack, or in baked goodies.

How long have you been in the health food industry and what inspired you to pursue this path?
I’ve been in the health food industry for 5 years, coming from a clinical pharmacist background of over 20 years. I wanted to go back to basics & let “food be thy medicine”. Also allowing a more sustainable way to care for the planet.


What is the best part about your job? 
Being able to share all the wonderful products with customers & sharing in their journey, either about a dietary choice or requirement is a highlight of my day! Having a wonderful group of customer service specialists to make the store such a positive place to be makes it even better.

When you’re not at the store, what do you like to do in your spare time?
When I have some free time, I’m usually looking for new recipes & trying out different foods or cuisines. I’ve recently been experimenting with Australian Bush Curry.

Here is the recipe:

This Australian Yellow Curry blend adds a light fruity curry flavour with Australian bushfoods; Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle and Mountain Pepperleaf.

500g of diced chicken thighs
2 dessertspoons of Australian Yellow Curry
400g Coconut Milk
2 Onions
1 cup chopped celery, or any mixed combo of vegetables
1 cup of finely chopped carrots
Oil for cooking

TIME   30 Minutes

Heat oil in pan to coat the bottom, when hot add the chicken pieces and fry until golden.
Don’t overload the pan with chicken, it’s best to cook in batches rather than all in the pan at the same time.
1:Add the onion and stir fry until transparent.
2:Add the vegetables.
3:Sprinkle in 2 dessertspoons of Australian Yellow Curry paste.
4:Stir fry all together for approx 2 minutes.
5:Add the Coconut Milk, stir and leave to slow cook for approx 1 hour.
6:Let the coconut milk reduce until the right consistency for the curry is desired.
7: Check for flavour and add salt and pepper or chilli to increase hotness if desired. ENJOY!

What makes Ocean Keys Shopping Centre a great part of the community?
It’s wonderful to have a centre which is so easily accessible by walking, public transport or car. This allows Ocean keys shopping centre to be an excellent hub for communities.

It’s our opportunity to make a positive difference within the local community, and our responsibility to nurture the global community for future generations. By rethinking the way we shop, we’re contributing to the sustainability of our environment and supporting organisations, charities and communities that are leading the push for a better, cleaner world. Your help so far is just the beginning.