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Meet Joanne from Ocean Keys Spa & Beauty

Tell us about your salon:
Born out of love and passion for the Beauty Industry and wanting to design/open a salon of my own, I opened Ocean Keys Spa & Beauty in March 2014, together with my parents.
From Body Exfoliation, Spray Tanning and Body Massage, to Electrolysis, Waxing, Skin Needling, Dermaplaning to Facial Treatments, each room is designed to be able to perform all our treatments. We have two showers in the salon to enhance the body exfoliation treatments and to provide Spray Tanning.
From the moment our clients walk in the door, we want them to be welcomed with a smile and hello.
We keep up with all the latest training from our brands of ASAP Skincare, O Cosmedics and Dermalogica, along with new professional treatments. Over the last few years we have added Electrolysis, Dermaplaning, Skin Needling and Hydrodermabrasion to our already extensive list of services. 
We recently added O Cosmedics to our range to introduce new treatments to our existing clients.


What is your position at Ocean Keys Spa & Beauty and how big is your team?
Officially - Boss :) (as the ladies will call me)
However, I believe that you set the example for your team and clients by being present. That could be in either doing the cleaning, performing services, attending trainings, paying the accounts, doing the stock, trying to keep up with the social media and on top of everything else that might be happening at the time.
Currently our team is 5 and all senior therapists.


What are the most popular services right now?
Dermaplaning with LED is one of our client favourites. Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment using a sterilised scalpel that removes the dead skin cells and the fluffy fine hair from the face. Following this with LED - it literally makes the skin glow.
Electrolysis is also making a huge comeback. There are very few of us around that perform the permanent hair removal treatment for the thick, coarse hairs that we sometimes find on the lip, chin and neck area. Electrolysis is the only permanent solution for hair removal and can be used on any part of the body including the underarms, breast, face and bikini. It’s great to tidy up after you have had Laser or IPL treatments or if you have any white hairs on the face as neither of these machines can remove white hairs.
And of course, waxing! We use a hot wax for the face, underarms and bikini which is much gentler than strip wax on these areas.
We have been looking to add to our service menu sugaring, an alternative to keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for the launch of these treatments!


What is the most unusual or funny request you have had from a customer?
Oh, I think I could write a novel!
I have been asked to make unusual symbols in bikini lines, had waxing described as the hamburger session, a client tried to bite me, a young girl came in with her mum and when asked by her older sisters what had happened she explained that I had 'waxed and polished mum's lip', had people snap chatting the waxed area while I was waxing many of them.
How long have you been in the beauty therapy industry and what inspired you to pursue this career?
I have now been in the industry 26 years.
An opportunity was made for me. When I didn't know what to do for a job/career, an amazing lady by the name of Bobbie (who had been my beauty therapist for years and I had done a number of massage courses with her) bumped into my Mum down the street a couple weeks after I had gone to the UK on a 'find myself trip'.
She asked me to give her a call when I could, and when I did, she told me she had enquired about a traineeship for me on my return.
So, eight months later I came home, started in Bobbie's salon in Narrogin and started my traineeship.
Three years later she sat down with me and said it was time for me to move on and learn new things, that I was 'too intelligent' and 'had so much more to learn' than to stay where I was… thus my move to Perth.
I'm still in touch with Bobbie to this day and can't thank her enough for making a huge effort to take me under her wing. She has also done the same for about 8-9 other therapists, an incredible woman.


What is the best part about your job?
I've been privileged to have been given an opportunity into an industry that has allowed me to learn new skills, take on new roles from therapist to business manager and state trainer for several different brands to owning three salons at once, and now thankfully down to one salon.
From the experience I had with Bobbie, I have been able to take on about 8 new therapists straight from college and give them the opportunity to develop into great ladies and therapists. I love seeing that 'bubble' moment when they no longer doubt themselves but just blossom into exceptional therapists.
It's also the people you get to meet - even for a fleeting moment in yours and their lives. Some of my clients have been with me the entire 26 years, following me from the country to the city and from suburb to suburb. They are so loyal and wonderful people.
When you’re not at the salon, what do you like to do in your spare time?
My gorgeous husband and I love to travel. We want to go back salsa and ballroom dance. We ride our bikes and love to go for Sunday breakfast. For my birthday I got a keyboard so trying to make some time to relearn music. Netflix/Stan is a great relax time for me, a zone out time.
What makes Ocean Keys Shopping Centre a great part of the community?
The people. I call them my 'posse' but there are some great tenants in the centre. We all support and check in on one another, it may not be daily or weekly, but we all make the time to see how we are doing.
And the maintenance guys - Steve and his band of fixer's - who help us out when we get totally stuck.