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COTA (WA) Acts of Kindness

My name is Daphne Daley and I am Project Officer for the Council of the Ageing Western Australia (COTA WA) Mall Walking Program, engaging volunteer Mall Walk Leaders to run the program in each shopping centre.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions the program was suspended for three months. Over time, our mall walkers have become close friends. It was noted within the first month of suspension, social isolation was impacting on them.

Chris Reimers a member of Ocean Keys Mall Walking Group in Clarkson, set-up a WhatsApp on-line chat group to overcome the negative effects lockdown was having. All the members were able to read the conversations and respond instantly, sharing jokes, puzzle games and provide moral support bringing caring and laughter - knowing even though they were not physically spending time together - they were not alone and there were those who cared.

Once the restrictions were lifted slightly and groups of ten observing social distancing could gather, they then decided to take positive action and arranged for those who were able, to meet outdoors at Brampton Park in Butler.

They spent an amazing hour walking around the park in the fresh air and sunshine. They were so pleased to physically reconnect. After the walk they moved down the road to the seafront, for take away coffee and food. With an abundance of lawn, pavers and low wall around the place, it enabled everyone to observe social distancing while enjoying their coffee and chatting.

It is not everyday that one witnesses such caring and concern, truly up-lifting.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Daphne Daley via