8 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home

It’s nearly time to string up the cobwebs and put out the pumpkins, because the spooky season is just around the corner. But, if the thought of scrambling for a last-minute Halloween costume for the kids (or yourself!) fills you with more fear than fright night itself, we’ve got you sorted.  

Whether you’re going trick or treating or hosting a scary movie night at home, these foolproof Halloween costumes are guaranteed to thrill. They’re affordable, quick, and frighteningly easy to make yourself at home. 

Read on for 8 spooktacular DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults alike! 

Emoji Halloween costume 

Here’s an on-trend Halloween costume you can make with simple craft materials at home! Cut circles out of some yellow cardboard and use coloured textas to draw on your favourite emojis, such as smiley, shocked and laughing (or, just print them out from online). Then, attach them to a headband, and watch the ‘love heart eye’ reactions roll in! 

Batman Halloween costume 

A classic superhero never goes out of fashion — there’s a reason you can find Batman’s suit in nearly every costume store! But, if you’ve run out of time to buy one, this last-minute DIY costume will swoop in to save the day. It’s easy to make Batman’s iconic wings with two cheap, black umbrellas — one for each side. Attach them to the torso with some electrical tape, make a simple mask out of some black cardboard and you’re ready to patrol the streets (for candy!) 

Scarecrow Halloween costume 

This Wizard-Of-Oz-inspired costume is one of the easiest to throw together from things you likely have lying around at home. A plaid shirt, overalls and straw hat form the foundation of this look. From some extra country charm, you can also use some straw or a mop head for the shaggy hair and sew some patches onto the overalls. The best part about this versatile costume? You can make it as sweet or as scary as you like with makeup. 


Minnie and Mickey Mouse Halloween costume 

Looking for a cute couple’s Halloween costume? You can never go wrong with this Disney duo. You can make the iconic mouse ears by attaching black felt circles to a headband — adding a pretty red bow for Minnie. Sew some white circles onto some red pants or skirts, pair them with a simple black t-shirt and you’re ready to rock the house in your mouse costumes.  

Gauzy Ghost Halloween costume 

Ghosts are always a Halloween go-to, but the bedsheet trick can be a little overdone. Put a spookier spin on this classic costume with a gauzy cloak. You can use light and airy materials like streamers, bandage gauze or even old, white curtains. For a comfy, ready-made Halloween costume, you can attach the gauze to a hooded blanket or beach towel. 

Bride Of Frankenstein Halloween costume 

Requiring no sewing and minimal effort, throwing together this costume couldn’t be easier. All you need to get the look of Frankenstein’s ill-fated bride is a long, white dress, some white hair colouring and lots of hairspray. Once you’ve secured the larger-than-life bouffant on the top of your head, just use some temporary dye or pieces of yarn to achieve the iconic, white streaks. To amp up the spooky factor, you can also use makeup to draw faux stitches on the face, strap bandages around the arms or carry a bouquet of red roses. 

Unicorn Halloween costume 

Trick-or-treaters young and old will love this magical Halloween costume — including teenagers, because nobody is too cool for unicorns! The unicorn horn is easy to DIY out of materials like used paper towel holder by cutting splits and twisting the cardboard into a coil shape — covering it with colourful paint with glitter. For some extra whimsy, the mane and tail can be fashioned out of old mop heads, or bright pieces of yarn. 

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Halloween costume 

Need a 2-for-1 Halloween costume for the kids? This Flintstones-inspired look is fun, adorable, and oh-so-easy to make. Cut some bright orange and green material into skirts or tunics and attach some black triangle shapes or draw them on with texta. Grab some scissors to add the zigzagged effect to Bamm Bamm’s tunic. To really tie the look together, add a bow to Pebble’s hair and make Bamm Bamm’s club by wrapping some fabric around an old baseball bat. 

No matter what you’ve got planned for All Hallows’ Eve, these 8 DIY Halloween costume ideas will go down a treat (just watch out for the tricks!)